The Ontario Public Library Guidelines were developed by the Ontario public library community to help improve the quality of public library service across the province. Public libraries who meet the guidelines requirements can request a formal audit and accreditation will be granted to those achieving a successful audit. 

The Guidelines are important not only for libraries pursuing accreditation but as a process for boards, CEOs, and library staff to assess their governance, management, and services against best practices.  Libraries can work with the guidelines to develop a comprehensive process and plan for improvement.  

For those who wish to pursue the voluntary accreditation process, you might want to read this background document called Audit Process for Libraries. Further information on the process is posted on the Ontario Public Library Guidelines website.

Please contact Peggy Malcolm, Library Consultant, if you would like guidance on starting an audit or pre-audit process. 



We've developed a Guidelines Audit Tool/Checklist that can be used by a Library CEO or board members as a library self-assessment tool.  The tool can identify aspects of governance, policy development, operations and services that need to be addressed. 


SOLS staff have created sample library policies which match the requirements of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines and which cover governance, operations, human resources, volunteers and fundraising.

We also have sample library plans as examples of plans that meet the requirements of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.

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For assistance with guidelines or accreditation, please contact Peggy Malcolm, Library Consultant.